Service Flow

Please send us the following on CD-R

1. Signal data

Please prepare numeric data in Excel or CSV format that are converted from scanned images by a software program. Please set flags or provide a list of the spot numbers corresponding to the spot data that appear to be inappropriate for the analysis.

2. Chip information

Please provide information on the grid (physical design of the chip), positions of positive and negative control, and the numbers and positions of the invalid spots. Generally, software programs for digitalization possess a file format to record the signal data and chip information. This information may be provided in the format of your software program.

3. Image data

Please send the image data for the first order so that we can obtain information on your chips and confirm that there is no problem with the hybridization. The data should be recorded in 8-bit TIF or JPEG format.

* Please note the following for Affymetrix chip data:
- .CEL files (and .CDF files) are required.
- No controls or spikes required.
- Only PM data are used for calculation
- A pivot file and a fact sheet will be produced

Shipping Address
Analysis Center, Skylight Biotech Inc.
100-4 Sunada Iijima-aza
Akita 011-0911, Japan

Data output

Z-scores are calculated from the numeric data by SuperNORM. Most of the data analysis programs can deal with z-scores. However, we also provide 'pseudo data' or another form of normalized data that obeys a lognormal distribution. This will ensure high compatibility with data processing package programs. The pseudo data are comparable among any data sets, and the ratios indicate those between the transcript levels.


SuperNORM reduces only the data variations that are attributed to technical factors in measurements. It does not deal with any variations derived from biological factors.