Summary of the service and merits

SuperNORM is a service for normalizing microarray data for further utilization. It brings the following merits for your research:

  • The ranges of data to be rejected are determined.
  • No control group is required - no RNA reference for array hybridization, no housekeeping gene, and no RNA spike are necessary. Previous experimental data may become comparable regardless of the control used for them.
  • It becomes possible to draw a comparison between the data from Stanford-type microarray and the Affymetrix-type microarray (SuperNORM is applicable to both types of microarrays). Therefore, past data could still be utilized if the microarray platform is changed.
  • Since the reliability of signal intensity data is significantly improved, it becomes possible to treat the z-scores of the data as quantitative numeric values representing the transcription levels.
  • Based on all the above factors, study methods can be greatly simplified, thus reducing the study cost.